Photos from the HUGE Sale

Posted: August 23, 2010 by elitesportsusa in Casual Clothing, Custom Apparel, Custom Sublimation, Deals, Jerseys, Pants, Shoes

The sale was a big hit not only for our business, but for our customer’s as well. Customers were treated to incredible prices as well as new product that hasn’t been available to the public until this past weekend. On opening day of the sale (Friday), I snapped a few photos of everyone that was there. You can see them HERE.

With so many photos taken, there were a few that stood out. Here are a few of my favorite:

I was trying to take a photo of one customer when another walked right into the shot. haha!

One of my favorite shirts that a customer was wearing…

Yup, we had baskets. But I think next time, we may consider shopping carts.

Here’s a customer that didn’t want his face in the shot. He’s supposed to be at work…

Like I said, the sale was a great success. We’d like to thank our loyal customers for coming out and supporting us!


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