Visiting the El Monte Production Center

Posted: May 25, 2011 by elitesportsusa in Casual Clothing, Custom Apparel, Custom Sublimation, Embroidery, Pants
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Just to let you know, I work in Elite OC. But on occasion I’ll head over to our production center to see all the new stuff they are coming out with. I usually will visit with the staff then head over to the back where all the magic happens.

Recognize this guy? That’s Mr. Robert Sena, he plays for Combat/Laser Vision, a Conf. A-Team. If you didn’t know, Robert handles some of the accounting duties at the Production Center. He stays focused on his daily tasks by making sure he GETS CRUNKED! (see beverage on his desk)

I then headed over to Quality Control. This is where they double check the uniforms that come out of our factory.

One of our post production ladies going over the garment, making sure everything is legit.

Here’s some letters and numbers in stage 2 of the tackle twill process. Did you know that when we do tackle twill, there are up to 6 stages we have to complete per jersey, and that’s just on one side!

We also have large Embroidery Department.

This is where we embroider all of our products that need them. Items like dry fits, shorts, sweaters, pants and etc all pass through this department.

One of the things that help Elite stand out from other sports apparel companies is that we have our own production center right here in Southern California. About 90% of our apparel is all hand made in El Monte. So the full sub jerseys you ordered all started off as a big roll of fabric that we custom cut per order. The micro fiber shorts you all love so much, all hand made as well. Just remember, the next time you put on your Elite pants and jersey, someone right here in California made those just for you.


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