Uncle Bill’s other hobby…

Posted: August 2, 2011 by elitesportsusa in Casual Clothing, Custom Apparel, Custom Sublimation, Fun
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Not sure if you knew this, but Elite OC’s lovable Uncle Bill found a new hobby, planking.

He decided to show off his planking skills at Elite OC.

I asked Uncle Bill why planking? He stated, “I’m always looking for the next new thing, I’ve tried bungee jumping, sky diving, swimming with sharks, but all that became boring. Besides, chicks dig it when a man knows how to plank.”

It was obvious to us Uncle Bill was good at planking.

In fact, he said that a Scout for a Pro-Planking Team has been trying to swoon him into joining their team.

Until his pro contract is signed, Uncle Bill is still looking for places to plank. He told us that he’s got one place that he’s always wanted to plank, Mt.Everest.

Good luck to Uncle Bill and all his planking endeavors!

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