Elite Softball Tourney This weekend

Posted: October 4, 2011 by elitesportsusa in Fun, News

Who wants to play for bats this weekend???

Elite Sports is hosting a tourney for 11 bats for the winning team. Second place gets elite dry fits. The tourney fee is $375 per team.



No more then 3 chips

No A or B Rated players and C players count as 2 chips, D players are one chip.

1 hr and then one up.

If no home run to hit and you hit one, it ends the inning and that person is out the rest of the game.

Hit middle and you are out ( chalked lines ) but he is eligible to bat again.

2 pitch tourney 45 min game format

Must be ready to play 15 mins before game time as we anticipate games to end early.

Payment credit card due in advance or cash only…. If payment is not made by first game, you will forfeit.

contact Carlos 714-787-8445
contact George 714-633-7272



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