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Did you know that you have a choice of shoe lace color to choose from? We have 4 different color options available on our new 2012 Elite Turfs.

Red, Royal, Navy and Lime Green.
color lace choices

In order for you to take advantage of this opportunity, just type in your color option in the Line Message when ordering your 2012 Elite Turf.
finger laces

Here’s the best part…the color lace option is FREE for a limited time! Offer valid from 02/17/2012 until we run out!


If no option is indicated, you will receive the stock laces that come normally come with the shoes.

2012 Elite Turfs NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Posted: February 10, 2012 by elitesportsusa in Custom Apparel, Shoes

solid black copy

sole copy

white charcoal copy

To place an order; click HERE. True to size.

Update on 2012 Elite Turfs

Posted: January 31, 2012 by elitesportsusa in Shoes

Just to keep you all in the know. The 2012 Turfs are due to arrive next week, or in other words, the first week of February.

Thank you,

Elite Sports

Sneak Peek at the 2012 Elite Turf

Posted: October 25, 2011 by elitesportsusa in Uncategorized

Price: $75

Arriving in late January 2012.