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We know that some of you just finished playing in Worlds the last few weeks. So what better time than now to start thinking about your new uniforms for the upcoming season. We’ve got a few different player packages that will suit your needs and budget. If all you need are jerseys, we can do that. How about some pants with your jerseys, yep, we can do that. What about getting some hats with your complete uniform? What if you include batting gloves, arm sleeves and all that jazz? Yes, Elite can do it all!
player combo oct2012

Ask Greg about including the new Elite TRX Turfs in the package. He maybe able to work out a deal for you!
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Action Shot

Posted: February 24, 2011 by elitesportsusa in Jerseys

The Yard 02/21/2011

In order for us to get ready for the next season, we typically start working on designs 6-8 months before the prior year. So here’s a bit of a teaser on what we’ll be offering soon.

The photos were taken right out of our production center, also known as Elite El Monte.





New graphic full sub jerseys

We’re placing an emphasis on girls/women’s apparel. From casual to competitive wear.

Our latest creation, Girls Elite Softball Pants. No longer do they have to wear baggy men’s pants.

Here’s something we created, it’s a Peechee throwback jersey.