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When people call or come into to our shops to ask about placing an order for uniforms, some are under the impression that we can whip out those things in a matter of days. Well in reality it takes weeks. Let me walk you through the ordering process so you can get an idea on how things work.

Typically when an order is placed it can take 1-2 weeks for our artist to render a mock up of your team logo/jersey. After you make the changes you feel you need to make, then it get’s sent over to “production.” This means your design/order will be printed and sent to a number of people who collectively handle your jerseys.

The final step to your order is to have our Quality Control Dept. inspect your jerseys to make sure the name, stitching and colors are correct. Once all that is completed, you can either pick them up or have them shipped to you!

elite custom softball jerseys
To order, call 626 442 7000