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Not sure if you know this, but Summer is officially here and with it, the heat. Already, temperatures all through out the country is beginning to rise.
hot weather map

With that in mind, are you ready? Make sure you have the best cool weather gear from Elite.

Microfiber shorts, so comfortable, that you can sleep with it, yet so durable, you can play in them.

Elite Dry fit jerseys, keeps you cool in hot weather games.

Keep the sun out of your eyes and face with your own Elite hat.
elite hat

Here’s a view of our newest jersey style for 2010. This is called the MA-2028.



Team Wazzup

Posted: January 4, 2010 by elitesportsusa in Custom Apparel, Custom Sublimation

PSTS Winners, Team Wazzup are gladly sporting their new Elite Dry Fits.
elite dry fits