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I bought a pair of the pants from Elite made of the new DNA material and wore them this past weekend. All I have to say is these are awesome for warm weather!! Carlos asked me for my honest opinion. After playing this past weekend in sweltering 95 degree extremely high humidity, I can’t see going back to a pair of pants like I have worn in the past. This DNA material was light and thin but still tough. In 3 games I slid about 3 times (not as fast as I used to be) no rips or tears. We play on some rough fields too. Super comfortable stuff. If you only play in shorts since you don’t like how hot pants are then try the DNA pants they are great!! I really did not think these would feel as good as they did. If your looking for team pants that can be worn even when hot these are the best I have found so far. I also bought a jersey made of the same DNA material and can’t wait to try that this week. Supposed to be 90 degrees+ all this week here in the Chicago area. Los (Mr. Elite) is the man!!

Thanks again, Tom

This one is from RobMob43. He’s talking about his new elite Turfs.

Played 2 games last night in my new Elite “The Patriot” Turf and can’t believe what I’ve been doing playing in interchangeable cleats all my life. My feet were in heaven, I felt like I was 2 steps faster and I didn’t have shin splints all night.
If you don’t have they, go and get a pair!!!!!

Good stuff T Ā I/Elite!!!

Whittier College Football

Whittier College Football

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We fictitiously asked 100 men and women the question:”Do you like the opposite sex in uniform?”
Women answered with a favorable 90% that liked uniforms. Men on the other hand didn’t care if women wore uniforms or not. Most of them said, “as long as she looks good and has a smile…”
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So what does this mean for you? Well it comes down to this…you want to impress your lady right? Why not do it while playing your favorite sport. Uniforms adds a level legitimacy to your game and it also helps bring up your confidence. Chicks dig confidence…

DNA by Elite is the newest product offered by Elite. This compression shirt can be worn underneath football pads and uniforms.
DNA Compression Shirt

The main benefits of DNA by Elite are as follows:

* Keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain

* Increases muscular strength and endurance

* Decreases recovery time

* Prevents chaffing and rashes

* Reduces fatigue

* Wicks sweat away from the body

DNA by Elite, What you do, makes who you are.

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